XenX® Stone Management Device 

The XenX Stone Management Device provides the next level of migration control for stone removal. The XenX device effectively traps bladder and kidney stone fragments larger than 1mm, while immobilizing them for further disintegration and/or removal by baskets or irrigation. 

  • Two-in-one product combines guidewire and stone retention functionalities
  • Requires only single ureter entry, reducing procedure time and complexity while freeing up the ureteroscope’s working channel
  • Flexible, hydrophilic-coated radiopaque tip for enhanced maneuverability
  • Self-expanding braid adjusts to all ureter diameters and shapes, resulting in optimal stone fragment retention
  • Prevents retrograde migration of particles larger than 1mm, reducing the need for secondary procedures
  • Compatible with all common endourological tools including flexible ureteroscopes and ureteral stents

Clinical Performance

  • In a prospective multicenter comparative study, XenX was proven safe and effective, especially for the treatment of upper ureteric tract stones;. The authors also concluded that "XenX may reduce the risk for the need of auxiliary procedures and for the insertion of a JJ stent."
  • In a single-site trial, XenX was found to be "safe and effective in terms of the stone-free rate, complications and operating time."

Ordering information

Xenx Stone Management
09-0002 XenX stone management device, mid distal stone, 12cm tip length, 0.038" OD
09-0003 XenX stone management device, proximal stone, 7cm tip length, 0.038" OD

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