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It's a common situation. A patient has a great response to Urgent PC PTNS therapy. The patient finally feels normal and free from the bothers of an Overactive Bladder. Life is good. Then the patient's symptoms seem to reappear overnight. What happened?

It may be that the patient is making different lifestyle choices now that they feel more normal. For most patients, continued success takes continued commitment to better bladder habits. Another possible cause may be a bladder infection. So, make sure to talk to your provider if your bladder symptoms get worse instead of better.

Tips for Continued Success

Food and beverage choices
Maybe you love iced coffee, spicy Thai food or a good glass of wine. Who can blame you? Of course, all of these things can be bladder irritants. That doesn't mean that you never consume them; it's just that you need to be smart about when and how much. If you feel like your symptoms are returning, take notes in your voiding diary about what and when you're eating and drinking. This will be great information to share during your next appointment.

Pelvic floor exercises
Pelvic floor exercises are a good option for even the healthiest of bladders. Keep them as part of your daily routine to improve urine flow and help hold your pelvic organs in place. And, when you feel a sudden urge, remember to practice good urge suppression techniques.

Good voiding habits
Having a happy bladder can make you feel like a super hero but it doesn't mean that you have a bladder of steel. Use your voiding diary to identify what is a typical length between your bathroom visits and when you feel urgency. Keep this in mind, especially if you won't have access to a bathroom for a period of time.

Stick with Urgent PC PTNS Therapy
Changes with Urgent PC are gradual.  Regardless of the degree of improvements at this point, it is important to complete all 12 initial treatments to determine your level of treatment response. 

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Again, we wish you the very best on your Urgent PC PTNS journey.  While we are always happy to hear from patients, the best resource for questions about your care is always your provider.

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