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Everyone is different. So, perhaps it's no surprise that everyone's bladder is different too. That's why some people have more severe symptoms or are more bothered by bladder irritants. It's also why some people respond to sooner and some respond later to Urgent PC PTNS therapy. But even if you haven't responded yet, there's still a high likelihood that you will. 

While you wait to see results of your PTNS therapy, continue to track your symptoms in a voiding diary.  That way, you'll be able to see improvements as they start to happen. 

Late Response to Urgent PC PTNS

What if I haven't responded yet?
You probably know that it's typical to see substantial improvements by midway through your Urgent PC PTNS therapy sessions but responding later isn't uncommon. In fact, in a clinical review of 141 patients, some successful patients did not see substantial improvements in symptoms until after 8 treatments. For example, nearly 20% of successful patients only noticed substantial improvements in their urge incontinence (urinary accidents) after they received between 8 and 12 Urgent PC PTNS treatments.
Late Responders
Will I still get good results?
It's important to remember that WHEN you respond is unrelated to HOW you respond. Patients who respond after 8 weeks can still have significant, life-changing improvements. 

Christy was one of those patients who didn't see treatment results right away. Her case of overactive bladder was extremely severe and she had tried all other available options before being treated with Urgent PC. Once she started, her symptoms improved gradually. "I actually did it for more than 12 weeks before I saw significant, miraculous improvement," she said. For Christy, it was worth the wait, "This is the first thing and the only thing that showed any difference whatsoever. It's been a lifesaver."

Keep with it!
While it's easy to give up if you feel like Urgent PC PTNS therapy isn't working for you, there are good reasons to stick with it. You, and your bladder, have made an investment in this therapy and there's still a sizable chance you'll respond -- 80% of patients do. 

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Again, we wish you the very best on your Urgent PC PTNS journey.  While we are always happy to hear from patients, the best resource for questions about your care is always your provider.

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