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Stay calm and breathe

Is Urgent PC PTNS therapy going well? Has tingling in your toes resulted in better bladder control? Either way, hang in there. It's still early in the process. So it's likely that the best improvements are yet to come! In the meantime, these urge suppression techniques may help. 

Urge Suppression Techniques

Step 1: Stop
  • Stop all movement and stand very still. Sit down if possible.
  • Remain calm and confident. You can do this.
Step 2: Squeeze
  • Do 5 quick, strong pelvic muscle contractions. This sends a message to the bladder to stop the feeling of urgency.
  • Try not to contract your abdominal muscles as you squeeze.
Step 3: Relax
  • Take several slow deep breaths.
  • Release the tension from your shoulders, back and the rest of your body.
  • Concentrate on controlling the feeling of urgency. Distract yourself by thinking about something else. Visualizing a hot, dry place like the desert works for some people.
Step 4: Go
  • When the urge is under control, walk calmly to the bathroom; rushing can jostle your bladder and increase the feeling of urgency. Plus, walking normally makes it easier to focus on controlling the urge.
  • If the urge comes back on the way to the bathroom, repeat the above steps.
  • If you are able to, wait a few minutes before going to the bathroom. Extending the time between bathroom visits can help in achieving a more normal voiding pattern. The goal is to have at least 2-3 hours between voids.

If you have the urge at night

Lie still; perform 5 quick pelvic floor contractions. Then, try to go back to sleep. If you must go, sit on the edge of the bed. Relax and walk calmly to the bathroom. In the older adult, it is considered normal to urinate once per night.

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Again, we wish you the very best on your Urgent PC PTNS journey.  While we are always happy to hear from patients, the best resource for questions about your care is always your provider.

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