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Dream big notes

If you are like most people with Overactive Bladder (OAB), you've been dealing with your symptoms for a while. It may have been a specific event that drove you to seek care or maybe your provider asked about your bladder symptoms. Either way, you're hoping for changes that will improve your life.

Setting realistic goals up front can be helpful in reminding yourself why you wanted help for your OAB and in determining if Urgent PC PTNS therapy is hitting the mark. 

Setting Treatment Goals

Over 50 clinical publications show that Urgent PC PTNS therapy works in up to 80% of patients and reduces urgency, the number of bathroom visits and urinary accidents. However, what makes these changes meaningful is how they tie into your own personal goals. What would it take for you to consider this treatment a success? 

Some examples of treatment goals include:
  • Going less often
  • More warning time to get to the bathroom
  • Less severe urgency
  • Leaking less urine
  • Sleeping through the night 
  • Less urinary accidents
  • Sitting through an entire movie
  • Dinner out without having to get up to use the bathroom
  • Taking a car trip without stopping at every rest stop
  • See Urgent PC Patient Stories for other examples of treatment goals

Your provider will be able provide insight on what goals are realistic given your age and other health factors. Once you've determined your goals, you may want to post them in a place where you can see them throughout your treatments. While Urgent PC PTNS therapy works for the majority of patients, it does take time. So, make sure you continue to complete your voiding diary a day or two before your next appointment, or as requested by your provider.

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Again, we wish you the very best on your Urgent PC PTNS journey.  While we are always happy to hear from patients, the best resource for questions about your care is always your provider.

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