Sylvia's Story - My life is richer

Urgent® PC got Sylvia’s night-time frequency under control and she can now sleep through the night.


I had been treated for about 19 years for bladder urgency. I actually would go every hour, hour and a half and sometimes more than that in an hour. I couldn't go anywhere without knowing where there was a bathroom. And I would always have to go to the bathroom before I left the house if I was going on any kind of trip or even to the mall. It even impacted when I went to a movie because if a movie was longer than 2 hours, I couldn't possibly make it through the entire movie. And, I was getting up every hour to two hours so I really wasn't sleeping.

When my new urologist first told me about this procedure, I got a little nervous because I'm needle-phobic. I can't look at needles. I have a hard time with blood tests - I do them but I really struggle. After the first treatment, I was a little light-headed. During the second treatment, the needle needed repositioning and I got a little nervous as well. But after that, it was so beneficial that even when the needle needed repositioning, I could bear it.

PTNS is so worth it. It has changed my life, it really has; it's much richer.The benefits have been incredible. I sleep through the night which has been the biggest difference and I'm more refreshed during the day; I'm a different person. I still, out of habit, look for the bathrooms and where they are. But I know I don't need them. It reminds me of when I was shopping with my two daughters recently. And I said, "Does anyone have to go to the bathroom." And they looked at me and said, "No, but I know you do." And I said, "No, actually I don't."

The recommendation I would have for others if they were suffering, the way I did, is that they certainly give it a shot. It can change the quality of your life.


Urgent® PC worked for this patient, but not all patients respond the same to treatment. Talk to your doctor to learn more. Urgent PC treats Overactive Bladder symptoms of urinary urge incontinence urinary urgency, urinary frequency.