Robert's story - Dinner, uninterrupted

Urgent® PC helps a man meet the simple goal of getting through dinner without an emergency bathroom visit.


Robert, 88, was affected by urge incontinence for 4 years. He was initially treated for a small capacity unstable bladder but the surgery left him constantly rushing to the bathroom -- between 10-12 times during the day and 2-3 times during the night. His healthcare professional prescribed medication and Kegel exercises but these methods didn't provide significant improvement. His physician then suggested PTNS with Urgent PC.

Response to Urgent PC treatment was slow but by the 12th weekly session, his urge incontinence was gone and his voids had been reduced to 6-7 daily and 1-2 nightly. After 5 months of treatment, Robert finally felt in control once again. "I no longer have to leave the table during dinner," he said. Robert also reports no leakage and a longer interval between urinations.

Robert has been treated with PTNS for nearly a year and has been able keep his symptoms under control with a treatment every 3 weeks. When asked if he would recommend Urgent PC, he said, "Yes, it works! There's no minus and it's a highly probable plus."


Urgent® PC worked for this patient, but not all patients respond the same to treatment. Talk to your doctor to learn more. Urgent PC treats Overactive Bladder symptoms of urinary urge incontinence urinary urgency, urinary frequency.