Mariette's Story - I should have done this years ago

A community nurse from the Netherlands found relief from her constant urges after receiving Urgent® PC treatment.


After the birth of my child, I had a prolapse which resulted in me becoming incontinent. It began as stress incontinence but developed further to an overactive bladder with constant urge.

In my work as a community nurse I always have to look for a toilet before or after I visit each client. It is difficult when you always have to find a toilet and not all toilets are as hygienic as I would like. My incontinence affects my personal life too. I have constant urge during parties, walks, long distance journeys and tennis competitions. And when I finally get to a toilet, nothing comes out. It is very frustrating. I am constantly looking for a toilet wherever I am, afraid that I’ll have an accident.

My treatment started with pelvic floor exercises; when this did not help I was prescribed medication to relax the bladder (Vesicare and Amitripiline). This made me drowsy and had no effect.

Recently, when my prolapse was repaired I had to keep a micturition diary to monitor the amount of urine I was passing over a two-day period. As I need to go 30 to 50 times per day, I needed more than one page. A nurse then noticed that the number of times I needed to go was excessive. This was the moment that it was suggested that I undergo the PTNS treatment. Initially, I was not sure about this therapy but as I had been suffering so long with my problem I decided to give it a go and just go with the flow, so to speak. The nursing staff was very helpful in this as you could tell your story, and they explained everything as we went along. You can also share your story with other patients undergoing the same therapy. We were sitting three in a row, young and old but all with the same story, the same goal…to have a healthy bladder!

I started the therapy of 12 weeks and everything went well. It is painless and certainly not uncomfortable, in fact, you can relax in the chair during the therapy. The initial tingling in your foot disappears after five minutes. After six treatments I began to notice a difference. I needed to go less often to the toilet during the night. At the moment, I only need to go about 20 times per day to the toilet. During the night now only three times, whereas previously, it was 9-13 times per night. Some nights it is only once or twice.

For me, PTNS is fantastic, absolutely great. I go far less often to the toilet, have no more tummy cramps, have more regular bowel movements and I can also wear tight-fitting jeans again. I should have done this years ago. Recently, I have sent two colleagues of mine with the same problem to my doctor.


Urgent® PC worked for this patient, but not all patients respond the same to treatment. Talk to your doctor to learn more.  Urgent PC treats Faecal Incontinence and Overactive Bladder symptoms of urinary urge incontinence urinary urgency, urinary frequency.