Judith's story - Sister to sister

After OAB drugs failed to provide outcomes, Judith got results with Urgent® PC


Judith, 69, had experienced Overactive Bladder Symptoms for 15 years. When she decided it was time to get help, her doctor prescribed several different medications. While the drugs worked for a while, each time she saw her symptoms return. She heard about Urgent PC from her sister who had found the treatment helpful. "The fact that I wouldn't need to take pills, use creams or patches appealed to me," Judith says. "As I age, I don't like the idea of taking so many meds that can work against each other."

Judith says that Urgent PC treatment is easy. When she's receiving treatment, she feels the stimulation in different parts of her foot. "Sometimes it's a numbed feeling and other times a pulsing or vibrating or a simple, single twitch of a toe," she says.

Judith started to see changes after 2 weeks of Urgent PC treatment. And, after completing 12 weekly sessions, she's absolutely thrilled. "I went from urinating every 1-2 hours and 5 times a night to no need to urinate between 7:45 a.m. - 3:30 p.m." She's also happy that she doesn't have to change her clothes everyday as a result of an accident. "It really is a great treatment - easy and effective. I'm so happy that my bladder isn't running my life," she says.


Urgent® PC worked for this patient, but not all patients respond the same to treatment. Talk to your doctor to learn more. Urgent PC treats Overactive Bladder symptoms of urinary urge incontinence urinary urgency, urinary frequency.