Ann's Story - Good for the provider; good for the patient!

A Continence Nurse takes her own advice and receives Urgent® PC treatment

Ann, a Continence Nurse, spent her whole life dealing with mixed incontinence resulting from a birth defect of her urethra. While multiple surgeries corrected her stress incontinence, she was still bothered by urgency, frequency and urge incontinence.

Ann tried pelvic floor rehabilitation and OAB drugs but neither gave her sufficient relief. A Nurse Practitioner Ann knew suggested Urgent PC. Ann gave it a try and was impressed by the results. "I have less urgency and frequency, especially at night," she said. "I can go out with confidence and not worry about having accidents and not have to urinate so often."

Ann describes PTNS as, "Very painless. I usually feel tingling in my toes and the bottom of my foot during treatment. It's a very comfortable and relaxing. I read during the treatments." Ann has been able to maintain her symptom improvements during the past three years by receiving an Urgent PC treatment every 4 - 6 weeks.

Ann is such a believer in Urgent PC therapy that she regularly performs the procedure on her OAB patients who have failed other therapies. "I would recommend this treatment to all patients," she said."It is painless and effective. It is worth trying, especially if other treatments have failed."


Urgent® PC worked for this patient, but not all patients respond the same to treatment. Talk to your doctor to learn more. Urgent PC treats Overactive Bladder symptoms of urinary urge incontinence urinary urgency, urinary frequency.