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Cogentix Medical offers the following tool to aid patients with incontinence and overactive bladder in finding a provider who uses Urgent PC or Macroplastique to treat their bladder problems.

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    If you are a current provider of Urgent PC or Macroplastique therapy and would like to be added to this directory or to update your provider listing, please complete this form.  We will contact you once we have verified your information.  

    About Find a Provider
    The Find a Provider database includes customers who are active users of Cogentix Medical products. Cogentix Medical makes no actual or implied warranty as to the quality, competency or fitness of service providers listed or produced by this web site. Providers do not pay any fee to participate in the Find a Provider service. Cogentix Medical provides a list of providers in the patient's area based on proximity to the search parameters entered. Note that some providers only offer services for men or only offer services for women. Patients should confirm availability of treatment when the provider is contacted.