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In order to connect interested patients with treatment providers, Cogentix Medical wishes to uniformly and fairly list healthcare providers who are active users of our products. If we missed you please complete the form on this page and we'll verify your listing within the next two weeks.

  • Active user of the product(s) for 6 months
  • Trained and certified for product
Terms and Conditions
  • This listing is not an endorsement of any particular provider; the patient maintains the responsibility of selecting a provider
  • Cogentix Medical will remove your information upon your request at any time
  • Cogentix Medical reserves the right to remove your information at any time
  • As Cogentix Medical only lists contact information, your acceptance of these terms will release and indemnify Cogentix Medical from any liability with regards to any patient who contacts you through this listing.

Issues or Questions

Please contact the marketing department at marketing@cogentixmedical.com