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Your partner in otolaryngology products for laryngoscopy stroboscopy, transnasal esophagoscopy and FEES

iStock_000021903331_throat_check.jpgCogentix Medical offers high-performance PrimeSightTM endoscopy solutions for the Ear, Nose, and Throat specialty. Featuring a full platform of flexible endoscopes and an ultra-portable video system, PrimeSight endoscopy sets a new standard for cost-effective implementation for voice and swallowing solutions.

Efficient flexible laryngoscopy

PrimeSight flexible laryngoscopes include both fiberoptic and video options and offer exceptional design and visualization. Our latest addition to the portfolio is the PrimeSight ENT-7000 video laryngoscope with the smallest outer diameter available for CCD based imaging, allowing access to small and deformed nasal passages while providing high-resolution quality.

The compact design of our video processor makes it optimal for use in any ENT setting. The all in one processor features a high resolution 15” LCD Display, still image, video and audio archiving and review, an enhanced User Interface with workflow simplicity features, an integrated “One Touch” keyboard and an internal air pump for transnasal esophagoscopy procedures.

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Cost-effective stroboscopy

The PrimeSight stroboscopy system allows physicians an affordable way to integrate stroboscopy into their flexible video endoscopy system. Our streamlined PrimeSight stroboscopy unit replaces the large tower of equipment that was previously necessary for high quality, true flashlight stroboscopy.

Featuring two primary modes for visualizing vocal fold vibration, the PrimeSight STR-5000 video endoscope streamlines the combination of standard laryngoscopy with stroboscopy, allowing for a simplified and comprehensive method for the evaluation of laryngeal mucosa, vocal fold motion biomechanics, and mucosal vibration at the touch of a button. By utilizing the PrimeSight ENT-5000 or ENT-7000 video laryngoscopes, practitioners can easily move between standard visualization and stroboscopy via a single button, reducing the need to switch between flexible and rigid endoscopes.

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Efficient transnasal esophagoscopy for reflux management and esophageal disorders

PrimeSight esophagoscopy (TNE) systems combine state-of-the-art scope technology with the EndoSheath® protective barrier for immediate and efficient diagnosis and management of reflux related issues, especially laryngopharyngeal reflux and other voice/swallowing disorders.

The thin, flexible PrimeSight TNE-5000 endoscope is easily inserted through the nose and is optimal for initial consults with patients experiencing reflux-related issues or for Barrett’s Esophagus follow-up. Sedation for this short procedure is not necessary, minimizing patients’ time away from work or other activities.

Using the PrimeSight endoscope with the sterile, single-use EndoSheath product allows you to take esophagoscopy efficiency to the next level with less instrument preparation and disinfection downtime. The EndoSheath product is available in multiple working channel sizes, allowing you to adapt the scope to fit the procedure.

Additionally, the compact size of our revolutionary all-in-one PrimeSight digital processing unit makes it the perfect equipment to integrate into any size practice or clinic.

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Simple, affordable and portable endoscopy for FEES procedures

Cogentix Medical offers PrimeSight fiberoptic and video endoscopes to support diagnosis and treatment of swallowing disorders. The compact size of the PrimeSight digital processing unit makes it perfect for bedside procedures and provides optimal mobility within any practice or hospital setting. In addition, it delivers state-of-art video and audio recording with simplified frame-by-frame review.

For speech-language pathologists, our video system can also be transported via an over the shoulder carrying bag, enabling on-the-go, multi-facility ease of use.

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