Reimbursement for Cogentix Medical Products

Medical Insurance Reimbursement

The Cogentix Medical Reimbursement Group is committed to collaborating with healthcare professionals and patients to navigate through the reimbursement process. Cogentix Medical offers comprehensive information and resources to providers that will assist in their efforts to secure benefit coverage and appropriate payment. To speak to someone directly, call 866.258.2182.

Urgent PC Reimbursement
Urgent® PC Reimbursement

Urgent PC Neuromodulation System for the treatment of overactive bladder and associated symptoms of urgency, frequency and urge incontinence. Learn More

Macroplastique Reimbursement
Macroplastique® Reimbursement

Macroplastique is a Urethral Bulking Agent for the treatment of adult female stress urinary incontinence primarily due to intrinsic sphincter deficiency. Learn More

Endoscopy Systems Reimbursement
Endoscopy Systems Reimbursement

Endoscopes and the single-use protective EndoSheath® protective barrier are available for endoscopic procedures in urology, bariatric medicine, critical care/pulmonology, gastroenterology and otolaryngology. Learn More

Cogentix Medical has compiled this coding information for your convenience. This information is gathered from third-party sources and is subject to change without notice. This information is presented for illustrative purposes only and does not constitute reimbursement or legal advice. It is always the provider’s responsibility to determine medical necessity and submit appropriate codes, modifiers, and charges for services rendered. Please contact your local carrier/payer for interpretation of coding and coverage. Cogentix Medical does not promote the use of its products outside their FDA cleared or approved labeling.