Accessories from Cogentix Medical to help optimize endoscopy

Cogentix Medical offers a variety of accessories to support your busy endoscopy practice from endoscope preparation through the procedures.

Endoscopy accessories

Cogentix Medical offers a number of disposable accessories for PrimeSightTM endoscopy systems that may be used with the EndoSheath® protective barrier.

Product Working channel Working length Catalog Number
Endoscopic Cytology Brush (10/box) 1.7mm 80cm 07-9001
Transbronchial Aspirating Needle (Individual) 1.8mm 80cm 07-9002
Locking 20mL Aspirating Syringe (5/box) - - 07-9003
Endoscopic Injection Needle (Individual) 1.8mm 80cm 07-9005
Nasal Cytology Brush (10/box) 1.7mm 10cm 07-9006
Biopsy Forceps (10/box) 1.7mm 160cm 07-9007
Tripod Grasper (10/box) 1.7mm 150cm 07-9008
Elliptical Basket (10/box) 1.7mm 150cm 07-9009
Hexagonal Basket (10/box) 1.7mm 150cm 07-9010

Endoscope leak testers

Endoscope leak testers are used to verify the integrity (water-tight) of PrimeSight endoscopes before immersion into a chemical disinfection fluid or reprocessing machine.

Product Catalog Number
Leak Tester for 1000/2000/3000 Series PrimeSight Endoscopes 06-6010
Leak Tester for 4000/5000/7000 Series PrimeSight Endoscopes 07-6010

Endoscope light guide sleeve

PrimeSight fiberoptic endoscopes are compatible with virtually all manufacturers’ light sources. Depending on the manufacturer/model of the light source, an adaptor (Light Guide Sleeve) may be required to connect the PrimeSight fiberscope to the light source. Below is a chart and listing of the available light guide sleeves.

Product Catalog Number
Light Guide Sleeve, Machida Light Source 06-6029
Light Guide Sleeve, ACMI/Circon/PrimeSight HLS/XLS Light Source 06-6019
Light Guide Sleeve, Karl Storz Light Source 06-6023
Light Guide Sleeve, Olympus Light Source 06-6044
Light Guide Sleeve, Pentax or Vision Sciences LS-150 Light Source 06-6009
Light Guide Sleeve, Richard Wolf or Smith & Nephew/Gyrus Light Source 06-6020

EndoWipe® towelettes and sponges

EndoWipe towelettes and enzymatic sponges are pre-moistened products intended for use as part of the recommended cleaning and disinfection procedures for PrimeSight endoscopes using the EndoSheath protective barrier. EndoWipe towelettes and sponges offer a simplified alternative to 4 x 4 gauze soaked with alcohol and large gallons of enzymatic solution. EndoWipe towelettes are not approved for sale in the EU.

Product Catalog Number
EndoWipe Ethyl Alcohol Towelette in Tub of 50 (12 tubs/case) Towelettes pre-moistened with 70% ethyl alcohol 07-1000
EndoWipe Enzymatic Sponge (80 sponges/case) Enzymatic sponges with neutral pH, non-abrasive multi-enzymatic materials 07-1020

The PrimeSight endoscopy line also includes

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