Instructions for Use and User Manuals

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PrimeSightTM Endoscopy Systems

BRS 4000 Fiberoptic Bronchoscope

BRS 5100 Video Bronchoscope

CST 4000 Fiber Cystoscope

CST 5000 Video Cystoscope

ENT 4000 Fiber Larynogoscope

ENT 5000 & ENT 7000 Video Larynogoscope

TNE 5000 Video Esophagoscope

DPU 7000 Video System

BLS 1000 Battery Powered Light Source

DCH 5000 Digital Camera

STR-5000 Stroboscopy Unit

Urgent® PC Neuromodulation System

Urgent PC Stimulator

Urgent PC Lead Set

Macroplastique® Bulking System


Control Flow Administration Device