Stone Management with Cogentix Medical Products

Cogentix Medical offers a portfolio of products to aid in endourology procedures for stone management.   

Holmium Laser for Urology Procedures

MH01 Holmium Laser for Urology ProceduresThe MH01 medical laser for stone management provides an impressive range of functions along with a next generation user interface. With its range of frequencies and energy, the MH01 efficiently treats a variety of stones throughout the urinary system as well provides tissue incision, excision, resection, ablation, vaporization, coagulation, and hemostasis. Check out the clinical data highlighting the advantages of the MH01 Laser or visit the MH01 Holmium Laser product page to learn more. 

RocaFlow Fluid Management Systems

RocaFlow for Total Irrigation Management During Urology ProceduresMaster total irrigation management with the RocaFlow system. Easily control temperature and pressure during urological procedures with the RocaFlow, a unique, user-focused irrigation management system. RocaFlow offsets a patient’s naturally cooling body temperature by heating fluid to 38°C (± 2°C)  and provides constant, controlled pressure.  Read more about the RocaFlow system

Ureteral Access Sheaths

BiFlex Dual Lumen Access Sheath Has a Dilating Catheter with Two Working ChannelsBiFlex Ureteral Access Sheath offers you more functionality in endourology procedures. Designed to ease navigation through a tortuous urinary tract in endourology procedures, the BiFlex dual lumen access sheath has a dilating catheter with two working channels. At 3 Fr each, the channels include luer lock connections, allowing for a safety wire and the injection of a contrast medium. Clinical data shows that BiFlex provides superior flow to competive access sheaths. Visit the BiFlex product page for more information. 

Stone Extractors

Stone Extractors for Kidney Stone Removal

Cogentix Medical offers a variety of stone extractors to aid in stone management for use in ureteroscopy procedures. These include extractors with tipless, flat and helical baskets.  Read more about our line of Stone Extractors.


Anti-Migration Devices

XenX Helps to Prevent Stone MigrationThe XenX Stone Management Device provides the next level of migration control for stone removal. Check out the XenX clinical data on how the device is proven to effectively trap kidney stone fragments larger than 1mm, while immobilizing them for further disintegration and/or removal by baskets or irrigation.  Or, visit the Xenx product page for more information. 

Nitinol, PTFE and Premium Guidewires

NaviBlu Guidewire Provides Access During Stone Management ProceduresCogentix Medical offers surgeons three distinct lines of guidewires for urology. These are designed to provide access into the upper urinary tract and facilitate the placement and exchange of devices during endourological procedures. Visit the Guidewires page to learn more.

Ureteral Stents

LumaFlex Ureteral StentLumaFlex Ureteral Stents are designed to meet the needs of you and your patients by balancing patient comfort with ease of placement. Currently available in a variety of sizes and lengths to suit your needs. Visit the LumaFlex page to learn more.

Rx Only. For complete instructions and other information refer to the insert accompanying each product. XenX is a registered trademark. NaviBlu and LumaFlex are trademarks. 40208B 09/18