Frequently Asked Questions

About Product Ordering and Training

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How do I get started?

On April 1, 2018, Cogentix Medical was acquired by LABORIE.

LABORIE and Cogentix Medical share many customers due to our complementary products. If you already have a LABORIE account, you will now be able to order all Cogentix Medical and LABORIE products from one source!

If you are a new customer, please complete the New Customer Account Form on the LABORIE website. 

What are the methods for placing an order?

Email :
Fax: 866.255.4522
Call: 866.258.2182

What are my payment options?

Invoice Net 30, with approved credit
Wire Transfer
Credit Card

How do I make payment or change payment options?

Laborie Medical Technologies Corp.
400 Avenue D, Suite 10
Williston, VT 05495

Where can I find pricing?

Your local territory manager will provide you with pricing.

Can Cogentix Medical products be purchased for home use?

Cogentix Medical products are for use by healthcare professionals within the clinical practice.

Are EndoSheath products available for other manufacturers’ scopes?

No, EndoSheath products are proprietary to the endoscopes manufactured by Cogentix Medical.

Where can I purchase EndoSheath products for my ENT scope?

Contact Medtronic at 800.874.5797.

Product Training 

Who is my LABORIE representative?

To request information about your local territory manager call Customer Care at 866.258.2182.

Is training provided?

Yes, your local territory manager will provide training.

Where can I get information about reimbursement?

Visit the Reimbursement Section of the website for information on coding and coverage.

Call 866.258.2182 (option 2) or email for additional assistance.