Accessories from Cogentix Medical to help optimize endoscopy

Cogentix Medical offers a variety of accessories to support your busy endoscopy practice from endoscope preparation through the procedures.

Endoscopy accessories

Cogentix Medical offers a number of disposable accessories for PrimeSightTM endoscopy systems that may be used with the EndoSheath® protective barrier.

ProductWorking channelWorking lengthCatalog Number
Endoscopic Cytology Brush (10/box) 1.7mm 80cm 07-9001
Transbronchial Aspirating Needle (Individual) 1.8mm 80cm 07-9002
Locking 20mL Aspirating Syringe (5/box) - - 07-9003
Endoscopic Injection Needle (Individual) 1.8mm 80cm 07-9005
Nasal Cytology Brush (10/box) 1.7mm 10cm 07-9006
Biopsy Forceps (10/box) 1.7mm 160cm 07-9007
Tripod Grasper (10/box) 1.7mm 150cm 07-9008
Elliptical Basket (10/box) 1.7mm 150cm 07-9009
Hexagonal Basket (10/box) 1.7mm 150cm 07-9010

Endoscope leak testers

Endoscope leak testers are used to verify the integrity (water-tight) of PrimeSight endoscopes before immersion into a chemical disinfection fluid or reprocessing machine.

ProductCatalog Number
Leak Tester for 1000/2000/3000 Series PrimeSight Endoscopes 06-6010
Leak Tester for 4000/5000/7000 Series PrimeSight Endoscopes 07-6010

Endoscope light guide sleeve

PrimeSight fiberoptic endoscopes are compatible with virtually all manufacturers’ light sources. Depending on the manufacturer/model of the light source, an adaptor (Light Guide Sleeve) may be required to connect the PrimeSight fiberscope to the light source. Below is a chart and listing of the available light guide sleeves.

ProductCatalog Number
Light Guide Sleeve, Machida Light Source 06-6029
Light Guide Sleeve, ACMI/Circon/PrimeSight HLS/XLS Light Source 06-6019
Light Guide Sleeve, Karl Storz Light Source 06-6023
Light Guide Sleeve, Olympus Light Source 06-6044
Light Guide Sleeve, Pentax or Vision Sciences LS-150 Light Source 06-6009
Light Guide Sleeve, Richard Wolf or Smith & Nephew/Gyrus Light Source 06-6020

EndoWipe® towelettes and sponges

EndoWipe towelettes and enzymatic sponges are pre-moistened products intended for use as part of the recommended cleaning and disinfection procedures for PrimeSight endoscopes using the EndoSheath protective barrier. EndoWipe towelettes and sponges offer a simplified alternative to 4 x 4 gauze soaked with alcohol and large gallons of enzymatic solution.

ProductCatalog Number
EndoWipe Ethyl Alcohol Towelette in Tub of 50 (12 tubs/case) Towelettes pre-moistened with 70% ethyl alcohol 07-1000
EndoWipe Enzymatic Sponge (80 sponges/case) Enzymatic sponges with neutral pH, non-abrasive multi-enzymatic materials 07-1020

The PrimeSight endoscopy line also includes

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