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Expand OAB Care

Overactive Bladder (OAB) is a severely undertreated condition. Patient rarely meet their treatment goals with conservative therapies and the drop-off rate for drug therapy is extremely high. There are other options, including Urgent® PC, recognized by leading urological societies. The Expand OAB Blog focuses on how practitioners can expand care to their OAB patients who may be looking for additional options. 

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New Education Program is Designed to Improve PTNS Patient Retention

The truth is that Urgent® PC PTNS Therapy works for most patients … if they stick with it. The new MyPTNS education program from Cogentix Medical is designed to augment the provider’s efforts in...Read more

Are We Doomed for End-of-Life Incontinence?

Often we use the cliché, “What goes around comes around.” Not so with voiding and incontinence. Although at birth the bladder, brain and physical development are not mature enough to perform normal...Read more

Is Caffeine Linked to Urinary Incontinence?

As a healthcare professional who treats patients with urinary incontinence, you’ve probably asked your patients to cut back on caffeine because it can worsen the urinary frequency, urinary urgency...Read more

Simplified Sterile Endoscopy

Flexible endoscopy is a key procedure for diagnosis and treatment of many different conditions. The challenge for the healthcare community is that conventional endoscope cleaning and disinfection (i.e., reprocessing) is time-consuming and complex. Our Best Practices blog will highlight how the PrimeSightTM  endoscope, along with the EndoSheath®  protective barrier, can provide a more efficient solution.

Recent Posts

Flexible Endoscope Reprocessing and the Cost of Compliance

How hard can it be to clean something? You need soap, water, a disinfectant, sanitizing agent and presto: What was dirty is now clean and ready for its next use. This is true in a restaurant...Read more

The Increasing Complexity of Endoscope Reprocessing

As many are aware, the number of infections linked to improperly processed and contaminated flexible endoscopes in the past few years have resulted in heightened scrutiny from watchdog organizations...Read more

Video Blog: Financial Impact of PrimeSight Cystoscopy

Adding a disposable may seem like a counter-intuitive way of improving cystoscopy cost-effectiveness. However, that’s exactly the situation described in this video from Affiliated Urologists, an...Read more